Sarah Shafer: Nanny and Babysitter in Smyrna, GA

Put my experience to work for your family!

About Me

Here I am making wood/tree blocks for a tree unit during my curriculum planning class


I am a twenty-nine-year-old Kennesaw State University graduate (magna cum laude) with a BA in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I graduated in May of 2010. I'm so excited to have graduated with a degree that will assist me in provide top notch care for the families that I work with. I have over ten years of experience as a local nanny and have been babysitting for over 15 years. I have been certified by the American Heart Association in Infant, Child, and Adult CPR, First Aid, and AED, and am also a member of Metro Atlanta Nannies, a fantastic local nanny group that helps me stay connected with other professionals and provides group activity opportunities.


I have had many background checks done in the past and would be perfectly willing to submit to another, if desired, as well as any other "checks" desired. As an education major, I had a background check run before each major field experience, you can rest assured that I have "passed the test" numerous times!


As the oldest of four children, I've been helping my mom with taking care of my siblings for as long as I can remember. I have always loved children, and look forward to being a mother some day. For now, I am fully enjoying getting to know families and children in my area. It is such a privilege to be able to work with such wonderful children and families! Though I have a degree typically used to work in preschools and elementary schools, I do not think that I will ever spend much time teaching in a traditional school setting, though I am interested in being a governess, a sort of "home school teacher," working on teaching a child or children at home, working with their parents to develop an individual curriculum and assist in teaching. I may even open my own preschool/home daycare some day! My own parents home schooled me, and I really appreciate the benefits that their teaching me at home provided, working with my strengths and weaknesses, and providing unique opportunities. This approach really encouraged my growth in becoming a life long learner.


I am very interactive, spending most of every job down on the child's level. I love taking the little ones on walks, playing outdoors, and reading with them. I always books with me to jobs as well. I love being able to pass along my love of reading and nature, while learning more about the interests of the little ones I work for, and using that to expand their learning through concrete interactions and reading. I have been able to really see the children that I nanny grow, especially in vocabulary, problem solving skills, and attention span. My education has assisted me in this, providing me with a better understanding of learning styles, teaching techniques, and a general understanding of children, beyond even what I have been able to gain simply from my experience.This helps me in planning developmentally appropriate activities and gives me tools to use in encouraging and assisting learning and development.

My current nanny position involves caring for a 1 year old 2.5 days and a 2 year old the other 2 days. I do lots of sensory experiences, and walks, as well as art, baking and other learning activities with them. I helped facilitate the introduction of solids with the 1 year old, as well as helping with breast milk and formula feeding. I help facilitate naps as well while maintaining a tidy and manageable household. I very much enjoy doing outings to local jumpy places, library story times, the zoo and museums and activities.

My last full-time nanny position involved carrying for twin toddlers into young preschool age. We had daily walks, worked on education and reading throughout the day, and enjoyed attending playgroups, storytimes, and visiting the park. We went on regular hikes on the local trails, one of our favorite sensory learning activities that allowed them to climb, run, and explore nature. :) I also assisted with some mild physical and speech therapy. I ended every day exhausted, but it is THE best job in the world.

My previous full time nanny position was with a family in Smyrna/Mableton caring for twins boys from toddler - 4-years-old.  Working with them I developed a "calendar time" that we did each morning working on PreK/Kindergarten skills like Alphabet/letter sounds, months of the year/days of the week/holidays, their address/phone number, as well as math skills (numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, as well as coin identification/symbolism/math). As their interest in reading grew, we also started doing a lot of work on sounding out words and learning sight words as well. I enjoyed putting my education to work for me and seeing them grow and enjoy learning both in our more structured learning and the many opportunities for learning that we experience throughout each day. I started with my current family when these boys began attending school formally full-time


For more information on my qualifications, please refer to my resume. Thank you!  


my mother and I at my high school                My sister and I after my graduation from Kennesaw State

      graduation.   (May 2005)                           University. (May 2010)

Special Experience/Abilities

I try to maintain an eco/energy-conscious living space, and carry this into my work as much as possible as well.  I have a stash of various babycarriers (tulas, kinderpacks, a ring sling, as well as a few wraps), which allow me to provide lots of snuggles and foster a close connection. I also have a cloth diaper stash and am very open to working with families who CD. :)


I have experience dealing with a both formula and breast milk feeding, lactose-free diet, nut allergies, kosher, as well as organic diets. I am also familiar with how to use an EpiPen, though, thankfully, I've never had to use one!


I was a therapy assistant during high school for two sweet twin boys with autism, so I have some experience dealing with special needs, and I am very open to learning and adjusting to accommodate children where they are. I have mild Sensory Processing Disorder myself and have done a lot of research on good activities to do to help with sensory integration.


I have experience driving children, mainly to and from story time at the library and the park, though I'm open to driving farther distances and to other activities as well, as this is a valuable and important part of providing quality care to children that I care for on a regular full-time basis. I'm comfortable with the transit system as well, if you would like me to use it with your child to get to activities/venues in Atlanta.


I know how to cook, and enjoy doing age appropriate cooking and art activities with children. Some examples include: baking cookies and biscuits, making salt-play dough, making almond/peanut butter play dough, finger painting, making collages, etc.


I have experience with maintaining and notating daily schedules. I have done everything from keeping a detailed daily log of all activities/feeding/diaper changes for an infant, to just keeping notes for parents about meals, naps, and anything else important that might come up.


I have experience with multiples, having cared for twin infant girls and twin infant young-adolescent boys during high school. I have also worked as a nanny for two sets of twin boys, toddler-Pre-K. I understand the challenges involved and absolutely love it.

Having grown up with siblings and caring for many large families, I am no stranger to multi-age siblings either! I enjoy my singletons and twins, but also love working with larger families as well.